Friday, December 14, 2007

10 stupid things found on

One. I got "server not found" message when typing

Two. No disclaimer regarding the content. Is it true that all information is correct? Does it always reflect the policy of BAPETEN?

Three. Wrong organization symbol and name when I browsed

Four. No information regarding your inspection activity and regulatory development at all. You mentioned about three basic regulatory functions, but only displaying one: licensing business.

Five. Your organization utilizes public money, but no information on your budget allocation, how you spend it and how you procure your needs.

Six. The News section suffered from lack of information. What the hell are you guys doing there?

Seven. You are very good, I heard, in implementing IGOS (Indonesia Goes Open Source). However, I hardly saw this fabulous achievement on your web.

Eight. Your photo album contains NOTHING.

Nine. [to be decided later]

Ten. Your ex-Executive Secretary corrupted.


dhidhot said...

nice statement for number ten... :D

let's learn from the mistaken..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Cepat Hamil said...

Blogwalking.. waduh harus di translate dulu kyknya nih.. Kurang paham kl dapet bhs kyk gini.. Salam kenal ya :)